Everyone has a page in their book they don’t read out loud. This is a treasury of all those pages, bound together — a hundred, to be exact. One each day, for a hundred days — a unique portrait — and in exchange, one juicy little secret. The people you’ll meet here all have their backs turned — unlike most portraits — deliberately leaving out just enough detail for the self behind the secret to remaining anonymous. It is with this anonymity that we get an intimate (sometimes harrowing) view of what it’s like to struggle, to ache, or to simply be human. From to the silliest of stories to the deepest and darkest of secrets we’d otherwise keep to ourselves — here they are, once a weight on someone’s chest, now bared for you to read (but careful — not too loud.)

“Half of my friends are people I wish I never met.” 

“It was my 28th birthday last week and no one remembered it. Not a single call or text from my friends and family. So I woke up the next day, sat outside my house and cried quietly. My dog came and started crying too. It was the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me.

“I told my unborn son I wasn’t ready to be loved by him. The next day I miscarried.” 

“I sometimes feel alone even if I’m with friends. I feel like I’m just an add-on when we’re together.

“I haven’t been posting any photo with my face on it since last year. I feel better than ever.”

“I wanted to visit my grandmother in the hospital but it was a long walk and I got lazy. The next day, she passed away.”

“I try my hardest to make people happy because I know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless. I don’t want anyone else to feel like that.” 

“I want to ask my half-sister if our estranged dad ever touched her back when they were living under the same roof. Or was I his only victim?” 

“I like to think the best of people but I actually think most humans are terrible.”

“I regret exchanging nudes with guys I barely even know.” 

“My parents think I quit smoking.”

“I always check if my friends are doing well, but people rarely ask how I am.” 

“I created an imaginary friend as a coping mechanism for my depression. Now I want to make her disappear but she keeps coming back.” 

“My daughter doesn’t know that her lost cat is home. He is buried in our backyard”

“I burned the suicide note I wrote a month ago. Today is a good day.” 

“I wrote letters to my girlfriend everyday. Everyday until her lung cancer took her away from me.” 

“I lost my smile a long time ago. Now I go everywhere hoping nobody will notice that this isn’t my smile anymore.”

“I’m acting in a play where this guy has to act like he’s secretly in love with me. But when the play ends, we go back to real life where I’m secretly in love with him.”

“I’ve cheated on quite a few guys. And now that I’ve found the love of my life, he wasn’t ready for me. He was seeing me while he was seeing his ex. If there’s any way to portray Karma in its purest, most painful and justified form, this is it.” 

“I fall in love too easily and terribly hard. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.”

“I am in love with my favorite singer that lives halfway across the world. I often write her letters and I’m hoping we can be friends one day.” 

“I think I’ll never find my other half because I have a hard time expressing and feeling love; it might sound weird but I would only feel love after watching films and series because of the beauty they hold.” 

“I was 19 when I found out that I have a genetic disease that usually affects post-menopausal women. There’s a big possibility that I can’t have children someday and there is no way to prevent it.”

“I got rejected by my friends because they think I’m gay. I tried telling them that I’m not but I’m starting to realize they might be right. I’m lost between myself and our friendship.”